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CDC- NACDD Peer to Peer Training Facilitated Call- Sustainability (CEF)) - Shared screen with speaker view
Leslie Given - SHC
Hi everyone. If you can join by video, please do. And please add your grantee name (state, etc.) to you name on the screen too. Thanks!
Leslie Given - SHC
You can ask questions in the chat box - or share ideas here in chat as well.
WI--Allison Antoine
Could SC write out what the definition of a champion is? I missed some of it!
Those are great ideas team SC.
Debi Nelson NC
on my computer
Debi Nelson NC
audio on computer
Lynn Vinson
Good I have a question, how do you reward or show appreciation to the champions and how often? This is Lynn from Florida Florida BCCEDP
Audra Putt- Michigan
Great to hear that others are working with ACS on process mapping. Michigan is partnering with ACS to do the same with their clinics.
WI--Allison Antoine
In WI we've nominated our CRC champions and clinics for some of our state's cancer summit cancer champion awards. Even simply being nominated has been a nice way to show our support and gratitude for their support.
Julie Gries Indiana State Dept. of Health
Indiana is working with ACS also and have been cross training and planning together.
Cynthia Calef Colorrectal Cancer Screening Program of SC
Champion definition-Passionate about CRC screening and wants to increase thier CRC sreening rates. Are willing ton support, market, and drive CRC screening, overcome organizational indiffferences, and foster a collaborative learning enviroment.
Bethany Hollender; Michigan Dept of Health and Human Services
Question for Allison - which sustainability tool did you find to be the best "fit" for your health system/clinic partners: Program Sustainability Assessment Tool (PSAT) or the Clinical Sustainability Assessment Tool" CSAT?
Cynthia Calef Colorrectal Cancer Screening Program of SC
Champions for colorectal cancer are:1) Passionate about colorectal cancer screening and want to increase screening rates in their health center / setting / community (Part 1 – lots of people meet this part)2) Are willing to support, market, and drive colorectal cancer screening, overcome organizational indifference or resistance to colorectal cancer screening, and foster a collaborative learning environment to actively improve colorectal cancer screening
IL_Manasi Jayaprakash_University of Chicago
How are CRCCP partners helping systems implement Cologuard? Any implementation strategies?
Audra Putt- Michigan
Question for SC- What are some of the other topics you cover at your champion training?
Do these Champions and Super Champions receive any form of payments?
WI--Allison Antoine
One other thing to add to the cologuard convo: We've noticed that the cologuard reps have met one-on-one with individiual providers so in some instances the QI Director wasn't super aware that they were being utilized as a screening modality so having open discussions on if/whether cologuard is being used can be helpful
Karin Hohman - SHC
1) We know helping a clinic identify a champion is a critical step in creating a sustainable evidence based intervention (EBI) in clinics, what have been some ways you have helped a clinic identify a champion?2) Integrating the EBI into the clinic's current workflow is also a key element of sustainability - what does "workflow integration" look like in the clinics that you have worked with?3) Training clinic staff about the importance of an EBI and how to implement it is an important factor related to sustainability - How have you helped or supported ongoing training in clinics?4) Describe how you’ve implemented your EBI initiative with sustainability in mind, from the beginning (e.g. structuring funding) or describe the EBI and TA strategies that were implemented, with sustainability in mind (e.g. policy change).
So Antoine, do you have things to share with others about what you described
That question was for Allisoni
Need to sign off. Thank you for the discussion
WI--Allison Antoine
^that was a blank implementation log. This is sent out via survey monkey so this PDF format is a little wonky. Basically all partners complete the sections on the EBIs that are being implemented so the entire log is not completed each quarter
Rebecca Shimkets
For everyone - if you have materials and links you wish to share, you can send directly to me and I will distribute with the recording. rshimkets@chronicdisease.org
Julie Gries Indiana State Dept. of Health
thanks for the advice and encouragement
Julie Gries Indiana State Dept. of Health
Are you distinguising between coaching and training? Indiana has given on site and telephonic coaching which has a training component but is different than other modalities.
WI--Allison Antoine
We've done CEU CRC training at our FQHC sites (a few years ago) and have been working with our CRC teams to integrate brief "refresher" trainings during the month of March alongside developing a calendar based on all of the awareness month topics as a way to build in ongoing training to continue to capture any new staff that come on board to be shared during provider/staff meetings.
IL_Manasi Jayaprakash_University of Chicago
We have done one day trainings for champions that involves motivational interviewing and direct colonoscopy visualization. In addition, we provided Project ECHO technical assistance that helped with collective learning along with targeted topics. We do provide coaching to systems that really need it and is tailored based on need.
Just wondering how frequent/easy is it to secure dates for coaching or other forms of TA with the clinics since they seem always to have busy schedules
Cushanta, North Carolina
When we did staff trainings, we were integrated in thier staff meetings. It worked well because it wasn't disrupitve to thier day to day clinic work.
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