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Arthritis Council / Peer Sharing Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Lisa Erck [she/her], NACDD
For more information on the ACL COVID-19 response visit https://acl.gov/COVID-19
Lisa Erck [she/her], NACDD
Please post your questions for North Carolina to the chat
Lisa Erck [she/her], NACDD
North Carolina Center for Health & Wellness at the University of North Carolina at Asheville Chronic Disease Self-Management Education Program Granteehttps://acl.gov/sites/default/files/programs/2019-07/FINAL%20SS%20-%202019%20CDSME%20Grantee%20Profile%2C%20UNCA.pdf
Lisa Erck [she/her], NACDD
Here is a link to the NC slides https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1PR_7bq3UkYiccQyJnaJym27dS3tdYAW9/edit#slide=id.p1
Lisa Erck [she/her], NACDD
Who are State Units on Aging? Learn more by visiting https://acl.gov/programs/aging-and-disability-networks/state-units-aging
Lisa Erck [she/her], NACDD
Who are Area Agencies on Aging? Learn more by visiting https://acl.gov/programs/aging-and-disability-networks/area-agencies-aging
Margaret Kaniewski
I thought I heard that some AAAs are beginning to expand their reach to people 45 yrs and older to help focus on prevention. Is that true and/or possible?
Katie Potestio (she/her), NYSDOH
NC, great presentation! Can you share more about the project that convened LHDs, FQHCs, and AAAs? what did that look like and how did you measure success?
Lisa Erck [she/her], NACDD
Please post your questions for Massachusetts to the chat
Lisa Erck [she/her], NACDD
Elder Services of the Merrimack Valley Chronic Disease Self-Management Education Program Grantee https://acl.gov/sites/default/files/programs/2021-03/5-%20FINAL-%20Elder%20Services%20of%20Merrimack%20Valley_2020%20CDSME%20Integrated%20Networks%20grantee%20profile.pdf
Nicolle Miller, NC
We hosted regional meetings in communities across NC as part of our CDC Arthritis grant in the first year (before COVID). We used the Results Based Accountability format to set those meetings up and established desired results of the meeting with the host organization (AAA). https://clearimpact.com/results-based-accountability/. Outcomes and outputs related to our CDC workplan and milestones.
Katie Potestio (she/her), NYSDOH
Thanks, Nicolle!
Nicolle Miller, NC
Similar to what Jennifer said, many aging network providers do offer services to people under age 60. It depends on the service however. EBPs have been offered to people under age 60 because it is not a "unit-based service" and filling classes is important for ROI. Many senior centers are also doing more outreach to younger populations. I'd speak with the State Unit on Aging and/or AAA to determine whether they have the funding and/or ability to serve people under age 60.
Margaret Kaniewski
Thank you Nicolle! That makes sense.
Heather Murphy (she/her), NACDD
Here is a link to ACL’s Chronic Disease Self-Management Education Programs including background information, goals, and grants. https://acl.gov/programs/health-wellness/chronic-disease-self-management-education-programs
Heather Murphy (she/her), NACDD
Here is a link to ACL’s Falls Prevention page including background information, goals, and grants. https://acl.gov/programs/health-wellness/falls-prevention
Heather Murphy (she/her), NACDD
Juniper - https://yourjuniper.org/
Serena Weisner | OAAA
Hi, everyone! We are working on developing some resources to support the Spanish version of WWE, Camine Con Gusto. If you offer programs to Hispanics, we would love to learn from you! Please email me if you would be willing to be interviewed, and/or share my info with others. s.weisner@outlook.com
Lisa Erck [she/her], NACDD
Heather Murphy (she/her), NACDD
Welcome Shanetta!
Jennifer Raymond - MA
Welcome to the work, Shanetta!
Lisa Erck [she/her], NACDD
What do you view as you/your state’s biggest barrier(s) to working with Units on Aging and Area Agencies on Aging?
Nichole Shepard (UT)
@lisa: they want to run their own programming, they want more money
Katie Potestio (she/her), NYSDOH
Lack of single, statewide platform for participants and delivery organizations
Heather Murphy (she/her), NACDD
Another resource. For older adults, ACL's Eldercare Locator is a great place to start. Visit www.eldercare.gov to be connected with your local Area Agency on Aging or Aging and Disability Resource Center.
Shanetta Agnew, AR
Thank You for the warm welcome I am excited for this opportunity!
Margaret Kaniewski
It would be great to hear from an AAA what is their barrier in working with SHD?
Heather Murphy (she/her), NACDD
ACL Grants Overview https://acl.gov/grants
Jennifer Raymond - MA
Speaking as a AAA, I'd note that we are all different. Some very much want to implement their own programs for their own consumers while others see value in partnering to refer their clients too. Some use the Title IIID dollars to implement on their own and other contract it all out to CBOs. It's important to work with the AAA to learn their culture and strategies to best partner.
Nicolle Miller, NC
I think the state health dept communicating with the state unit on aging to collaborate on challenges and opportunities is one strategies. local relationship building is another separate strategy (tackling top down and bottom up). And yes, all this takes time and the turnover we are all experiencing is a challenge
Celsa Bowman
Thank you, Nicolle and Jennifer, for your great comments!
Jennifer Raymond - MA
One of the largest barriers to working with SDH this last year has been around prioritizing the AAEBI/EBP work. We all know the focus has understandable been in other areas these last 18 months and are optimistic we can find the right ways to demonstrate value moving forward.
Margaret Kaniewski
Thank you Nicolle and Jennifer for the response and many thanks for presenting today. I always learn something new.
Lisa Erck [she/her], NACDD
Please share one action item that you plan to do as a result of attending today’s webinar. https://www.menti.com/t3xm1d57op
Katie Potestio (she/her), NYSDOH
Great call topic today. Thanks again to the presenters!
Lesley Steinman (she/her)
Schedule a time to chat: lesles@uw.edu or Get involved: https://forms.gle/GCKd8CqJbjjVbd5S8
Lisa Erck [she/her], NACDD
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Lisa Erck [she/her], NACDD
Thank you for attending! A link to the recording and a summary document will be available soon on the Action on Arthritis web pagehttps://actiononarthritis.chronicdisease.org/monthly-webinars/
Nadia Z. Mazza, NC (she/her)
Thank you, Heather and Lisa!
Amy Ellings
Thanks Heather and Lisa!
Audrey Semel - West Virginia - WVU OHSR
Thanks so much, all! Take care everyone!
Jennifer Raymond - MA
Thank you!