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Hold the Date - Arthritis Program Sharing/Networking webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Lisa Erck [she/her], NACDD
Action on Arthritis website - https://actiononarthritis.chronicdisease.org/
Heather Murphy (she/her), NACDD
Sharing a Google doc "Resources for Strategy 2 Efforts". Please feel free to open and update this shared document with additional resources that have been helpful to you as you work to achieve your objectives related to Strategy 2. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GWqfeeO0Tp1UlbNBNQNGhwNA7xNpwH1i/view?usp=sharing
Heather Murphy (she/her), NACDD
Please post questions you have for our panelists or the others on the call, in the chat or use the “Raise Hand” feature to be acknowledged. Thanks!
Amy Ellings, WA DOH (she/her)
In Washington, we are just starting down the counselling road. Given your experience, what is the most effective way to reach out to health care systems to engage? So far, we have relied on warm hand offs and cold calls/e-mails with mixed results. One way we hope to tap into a pre-existing system is through a contract with Comagine (QIO). What are other thoughts to doing this in a more systematic way?
Adam Burch, NH
When it comes to social determinants of health and the multitudes of evidence based interventions keep the pareto principle and Maslow's hierarchy of needs in mind. 80% of the health improvements in a person's life will come from 20% of the interventions and you can't move up to the next level in the hierarchy until the lower level is met adequately.
Katie Potestio, NYSDOH
Can you expand on how to identify provider champions for arthritis via state professional associations?
Celsa Bowman (UT Dept. of Health)
Question for LJ: does 211 make an effort to employ CHWs in the call center?
Adam Burch, NH
A note to help make talking to database admins a little easier for those looking to connect with 211. Tell them that you have a program to list and ask them what information in specific they need about the program then organize that into a spreadsheet if they didn't send you one already. Spreadsheet data can often be manipulated and imported into a database much easier than asking them to type it in from a word document.
Celsa Bowman (UT Dept. of Health)
Great point, Jennifer? What is the incentive for a CBO to accept higher volumes of referrals?
Adam Burch, NH
Finding a champion: It pains me to say this just as it did last week. Don't mention arthritis specifically because it'll get lost on many providers even though it is applicable. Find providers that oppose overprescribing of opioids, poor pain management practices for chronic pain, those that are personally physically active. You need to meet them on ground they're already comfortable with and expand from there.
Heather Murphy (she/her), NACDD
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Heather Murphy (she/her), NACDD
Thank you all for attending! A link to the recording will be available soon on the Action on Arthritis page https://actiononarthritis.chronicdisease.org/.Reminder that the next TA webinar is scheduled for June 23, 2021 at 1:30pm ET
Jennifer Raymond (Massachusetts)
Thank you, Lisa and Heather!