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CCL Webinar 1-27-21 - Arthritis Program Sharing/Networking webinar - Gallery view
Heather Murphy (she/her), NACDD
Welcome! CCL Resources can be found on the NACDD website here - https://chronicdisease.org/page/autoimmune/nacdd-action-on-arthritis/
Heather Murphy (she/her), NACDD
Please feel free to type any questions you have for Lainey in the chat box, or you are welcome to unmute yourself and ask your question in person.
Hilde Hinkel, OR (she/her)
Hi Lainey! Are you considering offering the training again once COVID is in the rearview mirror?
Michelle Winokur - Arthritis Program Contract Consultant
Can you clarify if you were trying to reach providers who are employees of the local CHDs or were you trying to get the local CHDs to promote to providers in their area?
Anika -Galaxy Note9
How hard was it to obtain continuing education credits for healthcare providers?
Heather Murphy (she/her), NACDD
If you have questions for any of our speakers please include them in the chat and we will follow up with all speakers and include responses in the CCL Summary Document for this webinar, if we are not able to get to them during the call today. Thanks!
Amy Michael Minnesota
I have to leave for another meeting. Thank you for the presentations they were great.
Jennifer Raymond - Massachusetts
My apologies but I have to step into another meeting. More than happy to share the slides from our training as is helpful.