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MDPP Supplier Learning Series - Shared screen with speaker view
Kelly McCracken
Questions regarding the MDPP Enrollment Project? Email: jdibenedetto_ic@chronicdisease.org
Dorothy Plaza
cannot see poll. WE are seeing MDPP participants
Dorothy Plaza
Starting new cohort in January
Sandra Jewell
will start another in january
Lily Hilferty
I don't see the poll. We are not seeing MDPP participants currently because none of the Medicare beneficiaries we have seen have had MDPP eligibility - blood work was not in range but they met CDC risk test for the program.
Kelly McCracken
Additional questions for CMS? Visit the Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program (MDPP) Supplier Support Center: https://cmsorg.force.com/mdpp/
Sandra Jewell
Can we send marketing materials related to the program directly to Medicare B eligible participants - knowing they meet the A1C/GLucose and BMI criteria?
Chinara Smith
Send your MDPP Success Story to mdpp_communications@cms.hhs.gov
Dorothy Plaza
Most of our referrals come from providers due to our marketing efforts to the providers. Our greatest challenge is billing
Chinara Smith
Are you subscribed to receive emails from CMS MDPP? Subscribe here! https://public.govdelivery.com/accounts/USCMS/subscriber/new?topic_id=USCMS_12284
Chinara Smith
Beneficiary Brochure: https://www.cms.gov/Outreach-and-Education/Medicare-Learning-Network-MLN/MLNProducts/Downloads/MDPP-MLN34893002.pdf
Chinara Smith
Beneficiary Brochure: https://www.medicare.gov/Pubs/pdf/12019-Medicare-and-Diabetes-Prevention.pdf
Chinara Smith
Provider Brochure: https://www.cms.gov/Outreach-and-Education/Medicare-Learning-Network-MLN/MLNProducts/Downloads/MDPP-MLN34893002.pdf
Chinara Smith
Diabetes Prevention Fact Sheet https://www.cms.gov/Outreach-and-Education/Medicare-Learning-Network-MLN/MLNProducts/Downloads/DSMT-Fact-Sheet-909381.pdf
Chinara Smith
Preventive Services Handbook (MDPP is on page 16) https://www.medicare.gov/Pubs/pdf/10110-Medicare-Preventive-Services.pdf
Sarah Hales
In Providence - how many coaches do you have to lead these cohorts & manage data collection & reporting to DPRP & CMS?
Sareena Oncea
Katie Gustavesen - We pulled data from our EHR and scrubbed the data / filtered for:- age & BMI eligibility- eligible labs within one year (confirmed labs, Medicare or CDC requirements)- no diabetes diagnosis- history of GDM diagnosis- insurance plans we know have coverage for DPP
Maarian Giacona
Can you describe how you went about registering participants? Did you mail registration forms to each of the participants? Were there challenges in getting the forms back from perspective participants? Can you please comment on best practices to get in person weights at the required classes? Finding it very challenging for people to comply
Sareena Oncea
Sarah Hales - we currently have 3 active coaches, most who facilitate multiple cohorts at a time. We have one full-time coordinator who reports to DPRP & CMS and helps the coaches manage the data collection.
Sarah Hales
Thanks Sareena. Are the coaches part-time?
Sareena Oncea
Sarah - All of our active coaches are independent contractors so they work 'on-call' so to speak, as cohort opportunities come up they re-sign a contract with us.
Sareena Oncea
Emily - Yes, our coordinator reviews all DPP claims before they go out to take care of specific requirements for MDPP claims; and we meet monthly with our billing teams to review denials, coding errors, etc. The FTE is within the coordinator role and centralized regional billing/coding/denials teams.
Mo Morris
Maarian- I work with Sareena at Providence. For our August cohort we started during COVID, We created an online Orientation Form that people would fill out to secure their spot in an orientation. We told them at orientation that in order to continue into the program we would need them to fill out our intake form, which we also set up online using Microsoft Forms. I found that it was easier to get information back from participants if they fill out paperwork online rather than asking them to send their information through the mail.As for In-person weigh-ins, we made it clear in the Orientation that we would need to get in-person weights for Medicare participants. We scheduled time at a clinical conference room and set up 15 min appointments for quick weigh-ins. The clinic had a temperature screener at the front door and we were wearing PPE to ensure patient safety.I'm happy to go over more of this in detail if you'd like to reach out directly!
Kathryn Luebke
Our main way for recruiting from providers has been through the letter projects. Each year we work to send 2000 letters to eligible patients
Kathryn Luebke
in 2019 we had 35 cohorts. We did not divide the cohorts between medicare and non-medicare, we had 402 total participants for 2019
Kathryn Luebke
For the letter project, we do not receive the patient info. The letter is sent from the provider's office. It is up to the patient to contact us
Sarah Hales
Does the AMA have workflow algorithms to help programs pick the correct HCPCS codes for milestones like weight loss & attendance?
Sarah Hales
I’m referring to Epic workflows in the question above
Siga Vasaitis
We have a variety of CPT codes and diagnosis codes listed on our website but they are not specific to Medicare https://amapreventdiabetes.org/sites/default/files/uploaded-files/18-302297IHO%20STAT%202.0%20ICD%20and%20CPT%20Codes.pdf
Siga Vasaitis
Siga Vasaitis
we don't have specific guidance for the EHRs but we do have an Prediabetes Healthy Planet setup guide that can be shared with EPic users only to help with setting up registries, referrals, etc.
Siga Vasaitis
Ellen - please share your email in the chat and I can share or email me directly at siga.vasaitis@ama-assn.org
Sareena Oncea
Stephanie - MDPP participants have to meet eligibility for year 2 and it is optional to them, but we have to offer it for people that are eligible and interested. We now offer a year 2 to all participants that meet eligibility for year 2.
Sareena Oncea
Stephanie - no new modules. Our coaches work with the year 2 participants to review previous modules from year 1
Sareena Oncea
Amy - Depending on the number of participants eligible for year 2, we have both combined year 2 with new cohorts and started a year 2 only group.
Sareena Oncea
Jennifer - From my understanding we need to get in-person weights to bill for the 5% weight loss, 9% and for CM classes with weight loss codes.
Sareena Oncea
Jennifer - For MDPP core maintenance classes, I believe we only bill once every 3 months, so we only do weigh-ins when we need to bill to see if we can include the weight loss code.
Chinara Smith
Crosswalk information: https://innovation.cms.gov/files/x/mdpp-crosswalk-guidance.pdf
Amy Sagendorf
Thank you all! This was extremely helpful!
Sareena Oncea
Thank you all!
Kathryn Luebke
Thank you everyone!
Sehoon Kwak
thank you