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CDC- NACDD Peer to Peer Training Facilitated Call- Sustainability (DGI) - Shared screen with speaker view
Jennifer Gingerich-Oklahoma
You are welcome, Rebecca,
Leslie Given - SHC
Hi everyone, if you have questions or ideas to share you can post them here in chat
Jennifer Gingerich-Oklahoma
Can you share the link for that, please. The British sustainability tool.
Rebecca Shimkets -NACDD
My email address rshimkets@chronicdisease.org
Karin Hohman - SHC
1) We know helping a clinic identify a champion is a critical step in creating a sustainable evidence based intervention (EBI) in clinics, what have been some ways you have helped a clinic identify a champion?2) Integrating the EBI into the clinic's current workflow is also a key element of sustainability - what does "workflow integration" look like in the clinics that you have worked with?3) Training clinic staff about the importance of an EBI and how to implement it is an important factor related to sustainability - How have you helped or supported ongoing training in clinics?4) Describe how you’ve implemented your EBI initiative with sustainability in mind, from the beginning (e.g. structuring funding) or describe the EBI and TA strategies that were implemented, with sustainability in mind (e.g. policy change).
what do you press to speak on phone
Rebecca Shimkets -NACDD
Georgiana, I unmuted you.
Nancy Wright, AL
I have been called to another meeting. Thank you for your suggestions! I appreciate it, Nancy in Alabama
Jennifer Gingerich-Oklahoma
Thank you for that, Nordia.
Suzanne Proctor - Kansas Department of Health and Environment
Sorry, I guess I dont have a microphone on my computer. We have a health system who did not have a good return rate for patients returning their completed FIT kits. They combined patients breast cancer screening with CRC screening by providing a FIT kit when the patient received thier CBE and scheduled a nurse appointment for 2 weeks out. The patient recievced a reminder call 1 week out. The 2 week appointment was scheduled simply to return the completed FIT kit. They had a very good return on receiving these tests back.
Suzanne Proctor - Kansas Department of Health and Environment
Informally, they named this process the "BOOP campaign."
Grear participation and excellent information shared. I need to sign off.
teri.wood - Kentucky
Love the BOOP campaign!